He loves Ninjas. She loves Spongebob Squarepants. Father Jerome loves Pizza.

Superheros. Supercars. Superfluous amounts of laughing, loving, crying, and celebration. Chuck Taylors with yellow laces, yellow trim, and yellow embroidery. Yellow heels with heart shape skid pads. Monogram ribbon, monogram stickers, monogram invitations. LP chargers, Customized PEZ dispensers, and Johnny Rockets Catering.

He’s a landscape architect for Disney. She designs interiors for Disney theme parks. The two met at work and fell in love over Snookie’s Cookies. They are easily one of the funniest couples you will chat with and as they say in their own words. . . . . and we quote, “They’ve battled flying luchadores; partied in SUITES people only DREAM of; traveled back to the era of Edwardian Faire; have solved murder mysteries over dinner and drinks.”

Are you catching the drift? How about we just show you their fun filled Same Day Edit from last Saturday night and you can pick up what we are putting down….and if that isn’t enough, check out their wedding invitation (that they were kind enough to allow us to share) below. Mark drew all of the illustrations himself. Mark and Katie, you are our idols.

A very special thank you to Theresa Shlimanoff of Hustle and Bustle Events. Theresa, you are THE BOMB and we had a blast working with you again!

Check out Mark and Katie’s Invitation! All of these illustrations were hand drawn by Mark.

It sounds like a cliché and funny little title, but Lauren and Dorian are so much a part of one another that this fun name that friends affectionately know them by couldn’t be more fitting. Classic and classy, the best way to describe them. Shying from the trends and going straight to a good old fashioned incredibly loving and beautiful wedding. Rather than rambling, we find it easiest to present with a smile Lauren and Dorian.


A very special thank you to Brooke Keegan from Brooke Keegan Wedding and Events. A great event planner always makes the day easier and helps us to do what we do! Also, a shout out to Marisa Holmes, photographer extraordinaire!

Nothing feels better than receiving these cards, and we have to say it’s the “cherry on top” when our couples use a screen grab from a frame that we captured on the card itself!!! We are constantly taken aback and humbled by the graciousness and generosity that our couples show us, even a year after we had the opportunity to tell their story. For those who are not familiar with these two, here is the trailer from last March.

The Mission Bauer Athlete Vignettes continue with Raf Rodriguez. In a transition from “young guy” on the team to the wiser veteran, Raf brings the energy of youth fuzed with the wisdom of experience.


So every once in a while, we are tasked with daunting film shoots that test our focus, concentration, and determination to hunt out the narrative and define the story wherever it may be.

This was not one of those shoots. It is important to note that this edit is not for younger eyes. . .


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