Last winter, we were hired by a law firm to come up to Jackson, Wyoming and tell their story. So, we packed our bags, headed up north and let the storytelling begin. Perhaps what we found most interesting is that this team of lawyers (arguably one of the most recognizable team of trial lawyers in the nation) are all storytellers themselves. While we apply our craft to the screen, they apply their craft to the courtroom and the jury.

One of the greatest parts about working with The Spence Law Firm is the fact that we find parallels everywhere between the way we interact with our clients and couples. . . . and the way the lawyers at the firm interact with their clients. For us, the relationships we build with the people who commission us to tell their stories is just as important as the final films we create for them. For The Spence Law Firm, this concept is very familiar as they only work with individuals and often invest multiple years into their clients getting to know them and their story, so that they can accurately and passionately fight for them in court. For their bio film, we had the challenge of staying true to the message of the firm and the practice of trial law, but also keeping the visuals interesting and dynamic in a field of practice that is not necessarily known for it sex appeal.

To do this, we decided to incorporate some of the natural surroundings of our filming as it truly says as much about this firm’s personality and values as their approach to law. While they take cases across the country and act as counsel on many high profile trials, their roots are planted in the calm, soothing locale that is Jackson, Wyoming. We found that this footage created a nice undertone to the film and reflected the gentile and caring approach that the firm takes with each of their cases.

The edit concludes with a commentary from Gerry Spence, the founder of the firm. If you follow the Fray, you may have seen a separate bio film on Gerry Spence. One of the most celebrated and famous trial lawyers of all time, Gerry brings a wonderful closing to the film. His firm follows the principles and approach he started over 60 years ago.

When people ask us what we do, our answer quite often is, “We tell stories for a living”. Having the opportunity to travel the country and tell the stories of people and their businesses and passions is a lesser know side of Threaded Films, but we certainly LOVE when we have projects to share with you like The Spence Law Firm // A Bio Film.

Amy and Michael march to the beat of their own drum. We always encourage our couples to do the wedding THEIR way and we’re not sure we could find a better example of that than with Amy and Michael. With so many traditions and cultural formalities on a wedding day, it’s always a breath of fresh air when we take a Saturday to join a couple in telling THEIR story at their castle. . . . . draw bridge first looks, coat of arms wood carvings, steam-punk costume themes, pocket watches and locket chokers, dragon floral sculptures, motes and all!

An enormous shout out to our pal and RADtastic planner Hallie Slade from La Bohéme events. This girl knows how to put on a fairytale wedding. . . . literally. And quite honestly, we’ve never seen a team of event designers pull off a theme like Shawna Yamamoto and her crew. . . huge shout out to them as well! Check it out for yourself 🙂

Tayor Kane “T.K.” is one of the up and coming athletes for Mission Bauer Hockey. Continuing the series of vignettes that we have documented for the company (this being part 2 of the Skyler/T.K. vignette filming), this one slows down to the calm that is Taylor Kane. The music, pacing, and coloring of this edit was all intended to play on T.K.’s quiet nature and dedication to putting his team before himself at all times.

“Take in every moment”. . . . words often spoken as advice the day of a wedding. Common advice heard all the time.

But, what is not so common is finding two people who love to take in every moment day in and day out. Dena and Gerard are those people. What we love most about these two is their infectious personalities, love for food, dogs, and random moments of contagious laughter. We spent a wonderful day in LA last October with these two. As we sat over lunch, we listened as they shared stories of their relationship and the many things that make them who they are. They love their friends, their family, and most certainly each other. . . not to mention the cutest little four-legged child ever. Dena will write emails to Gerard called the “Daily Schmoop”. Typically reflective of clippings online that she has found about a conversation they may have recently shared. As random as the “Schmoop” may be, it shows how deeply she cares for Gerard, and trust us, he is just as loving of her, as you’ll see below. . .

For their trailer, we made mention of the poker game that guys had earlier on in the day because it involved a set of poker chips given to Gerard by Dena as a wedding gift. As a friendly game of poker is a pastime for Gerard and the boys, we found it relevant to his story during the prep. As for Dena, we love how she talked about taking in the look on his face as she connected with him for the first time at the ceremony. Again, a testament to the idea of seizing small moments in time and hanging onto to them. . . . a way of life for Dena and Gerard.

Skyler Hoer continues to prove himself as one of the premier players for Mission Bauer Hockey.  His aggressive style and quick shot makes Skyler a threat to all opposing goaltenders.  When approaching Skyler’s vignette, we needed to stay true to his personality that is also reflected in the way he plays the game. The grading is high in contrast intentionally to reflect the raw feel that Skyler conveys during a conversation.  For this edit, we graded the color with a reddish warmer overtone, to convey a feeling of intesity. This is the first of two vignettes that were filmed together as part of the larger series of player vignettes for Mission Bauer Hockey.

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