While it’s not my policy to post both a Same Day Edit and Wedding Day Highlights from the same shoot, with Steve and Kristin, I simply couldn’t resist. 

Combine the perfect venue with the perfect couple and you end up with oodles (is that a word???) of  footage, and why not share???? 
Check it out!

Just an update, here is a very sweet thank you card we received in the mail today from the Newlyweds!

I would say the most popular question I receive when I meet with a potential client for the first time at our studio (aside from, “how much is it going to cost me”. . . LOL) is, “What made you want to film weddings?”

Well the truth is, like so many of us out there, sometimes our careers find us and. . .poof. . . . there you have it. . . .  In my case, wedding cinematography first crossed paths with me back in college. Given an opportunity to film a wedding for some friends, I thought it was harmless enough. Well, 7 years later, here we are, making the absolute most out of this amazing opportunity we have to share in the most important day of a newly formed couples’ life.
I truly believe what we create is one of the most unique and cherished keepsakes a family could possess. It is that reason that fuels my desire to push our boundaries and make each wedding film even greater and more unique than the last. Knowing that our company has the ability to encapsulate the emotion of a wedding day into a film that I KNOW will be loved is perhaps the most rewarding part of the job.
I opened my mail last night and found this letter addressed to Weddings by SML. While we receive thank you’s all the time via email from parents and newlyweds alike, this one stood out to me. I can’t tell you how rewarded I feel to have received such a heartfelt card. 
Here is the card. . .

So, this is the time of year that you start to get the notifications back from different competitions with results from all the judging that takes place. Well. . . I am thrilled to announce we have won an Aegis Award this year.

The Aegis Video and Film Production Awards are the video industry’s premier competition for peer recognition of outstanding video productions and non-network TV commercials. In this case, Weddings by SML was honored in the Wedding Production category for our most recent demo (which can be seen at the top of the blog!)
Perhaps what makes this award so special is that the work we submitted was judged by peers in the industry, thus I truly feel humbled to receive such an honor. Once again, a very special thank you to not only Dave, Davin, Gabe, and Peter (a truly impressive team of videographers), but an even larger thank you to all of our wonderful clients whose footage helped to create a spectacular wedding demo.

Another major shout out to Joceybella and Amy Squires for their continued support of Weddings by SML. This past week, they asked us to contribute to The Wedding Chicks with our take on Save-the-Date Videos. If you’d like to read the article, click here.

>What a roller coaster weekend. Coming off of 3 weddings in 3 days, wow do we have a lot to show you!

Ashley and Andrew were married in Monarch Beach with a beautiful reception at Pacific Hills. As we arrived at the church, the marine layer was blowing over the hill and it was truly a remarkable site. This couple is so easy going, that we had a great time creating some unique shots that I’m sure you will enjoy. A huge shout out to the giant chocolate fountain and dessert bar. I’m pretty sure that table was ransacked in minutes. . . . good call.

A very special thank you to Marlin and Marlene Munoz from Marlin A. Munoz Photographers for their help in getting all the great shots. It was a pleasure to meet you both and I can’t wait until we have the opportunity to work together again!

Here is the trailer from their big day. Enjoy!

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